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An Online Workspace for People Working on Climate Adaptation Projects in Asia

What is Climate Lab Asia?

Climate Lab Asia (CLA) is an online workspace for people and organisations working on climate adaptation programs and projects in Asia. Each program/project is offered its own collaboration space with member groups, wiki’s and online learning tools.

Why Climate Lab Asia?

Across the Asia region, there are many climate adaptation programs and projects, focusing on a broad range of topics. All these programs/projects bring local and international experts together who work together for a shorter or longer period of time, share knowledge, develop ideas, acquire new insights, implement solutions, etc. Many times, this knowledge is not captured and shared between projects and programs.

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Climate Lab Asia aims to: ​

  • Provide an online environment for learning, sharing, inspiring and interacting between professionals working on climate adaptation programs/projects across Asia
  • Provide access to practical education and training programs related to climate adaptation.

For whom is Climate Lab Asia? ​

  • Professionals working on climate adaptation programs and projects in Asia.
  • Professionals (young and senior, from government, private companies, NGO’s and universities) who want to acquire new knowledge and skills through online learning
  • Anyone else interested to learn about climate adaptation in Asia.


Projects & Programs

Under the project menu, there are a collection of climate adaptation projects operating across Asia. The detailed information and resources of each project can be found including project background, activities, learning resources/wiki, and project-related courses. It also provides an opportunity to connect with the people involved in the project through the community group function.


Community function allows the users to explore and join the community group of interest from water, environment, and climate adaptation sectors. It acts as a bridge by providing the opportunity to share information and build connections with the professionals and people with similar interests, so that improving the communication and co-creation within communities to deal with climate change.


Climate Lab Asia (CLA) provides online courses for (young) professionals and everyone who wants to improve skills and knowledge on water, environment, and climate change. The courses offer a broad range of video lectures provided by a variety of international and local water experts from Myanmar. It includes not only knowledge-based courses (from academic lecturers), but also courses on practical skills (e.g. data analysis, field measurements) based on practical applications of knowledge and skills in actual climate adaptation projects across Asia. All courses can be followed by participants independently (self-paced) and a certificate can be obtained by completing the tests and assignments. ​


The wiki function provides a knowledge base to search through and learn about the experience and information from the climate adaptation projects. As an example, for the Thaketa Climate Adaptation project, a wide range of knowledge from the project can be found within the wiki including topics on water security, community engagement, capacity building, network development, communication, data collection, and design process. Each topic has six building blocks: Introduction and basic information, Stakeholder engagement, Data collection and analysis, Content and technical design, Implementation, and Monitoring. ​

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