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UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Groundwater

The UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge is a capacity-building program that challenges and inspires the next future leaders, especially students and young professionals from various backgrounds, to contribute ideas and concepts for their version of sustainable water management and solutions.

Welang River Basin Management Academy

Welang River Basin Management Academy

RBMA is a six-block tailored-made training and capacity building program for the Water Resources Agency of the East Java Province civil servants, collaborating with Nuffic, HZ University of Applied Sciences and The Water Agency.

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WE are Water Education (Myanmar)

The foundation of the program is to deliver interdisciplinary, practice-oriented water education. The program will offer a wide range of online theoretical and practical water-related courses on various topics for (young) water professionals, university students and people who are interested in water and environment sectors.

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Mekong Salt Lab

The TMT Mekong Salt Lab Project focuses on seawater intrusion, one of the priorities of the Mekong region. It has more socio-economic impacts on the lives of millions of farmers and threatens the future of most coastal areas.

Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation

Thaketa Community Climate Adaptation

A 2-year pilot project aiming to design, implement and evaluate a variety of climate adaptation interventions in the Thaketa township in Yangon, Myanmar.

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